Our Logo

Both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are used in the Organization name (PLASKE). The first three letters are initial letters of the surname of one of the Organization founders. The second three letters are initial letters of the Company name which was also the Organization founder.

The coat of arms is a constant distinctive feature of the Organization. A stylized combination of capital Cyrillic letters П and С is used in its image. The first letter is the initial letter of the surname of one of Organization founders; the second one is the initial letter of the founder's Company.

Reflects a complex of ideas on a tangible medium; it shows the course of the Organization activity, conveys the main motto and depicts a distinctive feature of the Organization that is a coat of arms. The emblem is performed as a square with the trade (corporate) name of the Organization in English, depicted in blue colour, and Ukrainian, depicted in orange colour. Inside, between the trade names, there are three squares in every of which there is inscribed a circle on the background of divergent rays which symbolize the course of Organization on constant development and improvement of its activity: The first circle depicts a globe enclosed in a band with a depiction on it of perspective trends of activity (in English); The second circle depicts the Organization coat of arms situated on the globe; The third circle depicts the motto of the Organization in three languages (Russian, English and Ukrainian).

Original graphical inscription of the Organization name. It consists of a rectangular with rounded angles and with the Organization name in English and Ukrainian, separated by a bar (compressed part of the inner box of the Emblem). Three colours are used in the logotype: orange, blue and white. There are symbolic reflections of the politics of the Organization and the founders, their ambitions and values. Blue colour symbolizes order, persistence and fortitude, white colour - efficiency, openness, unity, ability to reveal the secret and the false, orange - patience and inexhaustible energy, justice and freedom. A rectangular in the logotype, with rounded angles and blue fringe, emphasizes stability, harmony and constant development. Brevity of the name "PLASKE", situated in the logotype, is convenient to use.