The well-being of each society entirely depends on its level of culture. The higher the level of culture, the stronger and more stable is its economy. The most developed world nations date their culture and create favorable conditions for attracting businesses to cooperate in the framework of cultural projects and initiatives. Despite the imperfections of the relevant Ukrainian legislation, PLASKE JSC is fully aware of the importance of cultural heritage preservation and development of cultural traditions and values for future generations. We collaborate with leading museums, theaters, libraries, community organizations and provide financial, organizational and technical support in a number of socio-cultural projects. We pay attention to social organizations and projects we support and strive to make our cooperation more comprehensive. We don’t want it to look like the bursts of generosity. Therefore, our social projects are bright examples of long-term fruitful cooperation, benefiting society as a whole and those organizations with which we implement them.

For example, in 2010 and 2011 Jazz Festivals was organized in Odessa with the support of PLASKE JSC.

Our initiative pushed off the ground for a monument to Isaac Babel in 2011.

PLASKE JSC published the book about the Cathedral for Archangel Michael's Convent and Holy Dormition Monastery.

PLASKE JSC published the book “Freedom and Responsibility: Searching for Harmony. Human Rights and Dignity”.