Service Package of the Organization

Trade & commerce agency (ТCA)

Services :

  • intermediary of wholesale trade;
  • stuff recruitment;
  • books retail trade;
  • services of intermediaries and brokers, impresarios, literary and other agents;
  • tickets distribution services;
  • printing agency services;
  • purchasing of resources for office use;
  • market conditions analysis to identify public opinion;
  • advertising and promotion activities;
  • business insurance services.

Freight Forwarding Agency (FFA)

Services :

  • Consignors', consignees' and cargo owners' consultation on execution of contracts and transport documents in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Building-up a suitable logistic scheme, arrangement of transportation, calculation and payment of tariffs and charges;
  • Making out economic- and technology-based routes and cargo delivery schemes;
  • Preparation and cargo delivery by all modes of transport and customs clearance;
  • Coordination of interaction of all parties involved in cargo delivery process;
  • Transportation arrangement of separately traveling cargo and luggage;
  • Cargo and rolling-stock informational accompanying during all transportation. Twenty-four-hour tracing;
  • Representation of the client's interests when cargo receiving and delivering;
  • Provision of cargo protection and insurance services.

Transport & Travel Agency (TTA)

Services :

Informational & Consulting Agency (ICA)