Mission: Energy in motion for social success.

Vision: We are moving forward, improving, managing the energy for the sustainable economic growth of Organization and society. We implement social justice principles, protect environment and create safe products.

We are committed to ensure:

  • Protection and appreciation of human rights and freedom of association.
  • Freedom of labor contracting, involvement of Personnel in management activities.
  • Elimination of discrimination practices as regards labor and employment.
  • Elimination of forced and compulsory labor practices, complete elimination of juvenile labor.
  • Facilitation and distribution of eco-friendly technologies, support of initiatives aimed at higher environmental responsibility of business.
  • Transparency, openness and ethical conduct.
  • Averting danger, risk management, prevention and avoidance of corruption practices.
  • Release of safe customer-oriented products.
  • Continuous improvement of relations, products and integrated management system.
  • Interaction with Stakeholders

We are contributing to sustainable development of our company and the society, in our daily activities we apply the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the field of human rights, labor standards, the maintenance of the environment, combat illegal activities and corruption.

Organization is a conscientious taxpayer. It participates in public organizations, advisory bodies and is a partner of public social projects in the field of art, culture, education, vocational training, sport, healthcare and environment protection.

Implementation of this Policy is the priority and primary concern for Personnel. It is based on management system specified in the Rules of SMO operation. The Policy is the base for goal setting and achievement ensuring the development and position of Organization at the national and international markets and introduction of “Energy in Motion” motto.

The present policy approved by the Supervisory Board on 27 February 2015 and enters into force on 3 March 2015 for an indefinite term.

(Chairman of Supervisory Board)