PLASKE JSC was founded on November 5, 1998
Its activity is aimed at constant meeting the Customers’ and Stakeholders’ requirements

PLASKE JSC was founded on November 5, 1998. Its activity is aimed at constant meeting the Customers’ and Stakeholders’ requirements, when rendering the service package:

  • trade & commerce services,
  • freight forwarding services,
  • transport & travel services,
  • informational & consulting services.

The Organization activity is multiproduct, but all directions have a common basis, and high quality and complexity of the services rendered are achieved by consolidation. The structure of the PLASKE JSC Departments includes four agencies.

Trade & commerce agency

Trade & commerce agency:

  • intermediary of wholesale trade
  • stuff recruitment
  • books retail trade
  • services of intermediaries and brokers, impresarios, literary and other agents
  • tickets distribution services
  • printing agency services
  • purchasing of resources for office use
  • market conditions analysis to identify public opinion
  • advertising and promotion activities
  • business insurance services

Freight Forwarding Agency (1998) deals with freight forwarding, door-to-door delivery and acts in accordance with the general concept of the Organization "Just in time".

Freight Forwarding Agency

Package of freight forwarding services, rendered by PLASKE JSC, includes:

  • consignors’, consignees’ and cargo owners’ consultation on execution of contracts and transport documents in accordance with legal requirements;
  • building-up a suitable logistic scheme, arrangement of transportation, calculation and payment of tariffs and charges;
  • making out economic- and technology-based routes and cargo delivery schemes;
  • preparation and cargo delivery by all modes of transport and customs clearance;
  • coordination of interaction of all parties involved in cargo delivery process;
  • transportation arrangement of separately traveling cargo and luggage;
  • cargo and rolling-stock informational accompanying during the transportation process. Twenty-four-hour tracing;
  • representation of the client interests when cargo receiving and delivering;
  • provision of cargo protection and insurance services.

Transport & Travel Agency

A little later, Organization has launched Transport & Travel Agency, which renders the following services:

  • air tickets order and sales;
  • rail tickets sales in all directions;
  • business trips arrangement;
  • working out the optimal route of voyage;
  • hotel services reservation;
  • sightseeing;
  • organization of conferences, seminars and presentations, as well as the conferences and exhibitions participants accommodation;
  • consultation on visa support;
  • transfer service arrangement;
  • rendering all kinds of insurance services;
  • car rental booking.

Informational & Consulting Agency

In 1999 an informational and consulting agency was created on the basis of PLASKE JSC. The main scope of the Agency activities is translation services, legal counsel services, vocational training for specialists in the field of transport support, freight forwarding and tourism, and customs clearance of goods on the following Courses:

  • Declarants and customs clearance agents Training and Advanced Training
  • Supply Chain Management (FIATA Higher Diploma)
  • Passenger Air Transport Sales: Basic Course
  • AMADEUS Basic Course
  • Amadeus Central Ticketing
  • Vocational Training for International Freight Forwarders (FIATA diploma)
  • Air Cargo Transport Sales: Basic Course
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations by air ICAO/FIATA
  • Comprehensive program for Passenger Air Travel Sales Agent training
  • Moving to Galileo
  • Galileo E-Ticketing
  • Galileo Basic Course+Galileo Cars and Hotels

Taking into account the importance of obtaining quality service by the Customers, the Organization approaches with great responsibility to development and implementation of measures aimed at reliability improvement and stability of its activity. Thus PLASKE JSC introduced an Integrated Management System in compliance with national and international requirements ISO 9001-2001 in the field of production management, ISO 14001 in ecology, OHSAS 18001 in labor and health safety, SA 8000 in sociable accountability.

The Organization, gaining its practical experience and taking part in the work of National and International Organizations and Associations, a full member of TAU (Travel Association of Ukraine) , TAAO (Travel Agencies Association of Odessa), UKRZOVNISHTRANS (Association of Transport Forwarding Organizations of Ukraine ), AIFFU (Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine), IDGA (International Dangerous Goods Association), ACBU (Association of Custom Brokers of Ukraine), an individual member of UFTAA (United Federation of Travel Agents' Associations), FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) and a corporate member of IMMTA (International MultiModal Transport Association), ЕВА (European Business Association), CLECAT (European Association for forwarding, transport, logistic and customs services), OSJD (Organization for cooperation of railways). The partnership relations enable the Organization to render services at a high professional level.

PLASKE JSC pays special attention to social projects of current interest. Thus, the Organization is a full member of Regional Organization of Odessa "Sovet Mira" (Peace Council), under the auspices of which different benefit events are held, books are published. For several years the Organization cooperates with the Literary Museum of Odessa, supports "Ukrainian fund of contribution to international communication "Ukrainian Public Embassy"", gives a constant support to the convent of St-Mikhail. PLASKE JSC is an international transport and travel partner of the "Odessa" Municipal basketball club and supports the city in sport tourism development.

We hope that the experience and competence of PLASKE JSC employees will enable the company to support the high level of our services by maximum time saving and saving in material resources consumption, by following the motto of the company- JUST IN TIME!