Gaining practical experience and taking part in the work of national and international organizations and associations the Organization is:

  • an accredited cargo and passenger agent of IATA (International Air Transport Association),
  • an individual member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations),
  • an affiliated member of UIC (International Union of Railways),
  • an affiliated enterprise of OSJD (Organization for Cooperation of Railways),
  • an associate member of the Association of Exchange Brokers and Logistics Experts "BLB",
  • a corporate member of the DBA (Digital Business Alliance) ,
  • an associate member of EBA (European Business Association),
  • a full member of UNC ICC (Ukrainian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce),
  • a participant of UKRVNESHTRANS (Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Organizations of Ukraine),
  • a full member of ACBU (Association of Customs Brokers of Ukraine),
  • a member of UASK (Ukrainian Association of Perfection and Quality),
  • a member of ORTPP (Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce),
  • a member of the "Port Community" Association,
  • a member of the "Odessa Tourism" Association.

The partnership with these associations allows us to provide services at a high professional and technical level.